AINEC is a non-profit organization that is aware of the trauma, peer-pressure, and negative influences that our children are faced with everyday.  We believe that risky behavior can be avoided if children are made aware of how to make healthy and informed choices. Tutoring and a focus on academic performance alone is not enough to ensure success. 

Through our individualized or group educational counseling and an introspective approach, the P.A.T.H. curriculum will support secondary level students, as well as young adults, by providing them with tools and strategies to increase their GPA, develop their character, and expose their gifts and talents.  

Our youth development program offers curriculum which includes:

The P.A.T.H. is a youth development curriculum which is aligned with the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and the American School Counselor's Association (ASCA) standards.

Our educators understand that a wholistic approach to helping children will develop a well-rounded individual with outcomes that far exceed typical academic tutoring.  AINEC offers a concurrent Parent Cafe curriculum. Our goal is to assist parents and students to begin to collaborate regarding education.  AINEC offers assistance to parents on how they can assist their child with achieving their dreams in addition to academic excellence.


AINEC believes in the resiliency of our youth's ability to respond positively to seemingly impossible situations.  Our goal is to promote confidence in our students so that they regain a positive outlook on their education and to support them in discovering their purpose in life.