1. How long is each program?

AINEC participants will complete a minimum of 10 sessions.  Each session is one hour.   Sessions can be scheduled as needed: weekly,  bi-weekly, or monthly.  Participants must complete at least 8 sessions to receive  a certificate of completion.

2. Are individual sessions offered?


3.  Who will I work with during my program?

Each student/parent will have a personal educator.  Our educators are held to the highest standards.

4. How is our program delivered?

AINEC conducts individual, one-on-one, confidential school  counseling in the convenience of your own home through secure video, telephone, email and chat.  In-person and group counseling  is available.

5. Who developed the curriculum?

The curriculum was developed from the experience of PPS credentialed counselors, licensed MFT, curriculum specialist, school administrators, teachers, and business leaders.

6. Is AINEC more effective than traditional tutoring or school counseling?

Your student will not be on any timelines.  Students will receive specific information in their areas of concern.  There are no classroom interruptions.  The program provides the convenience of being in your own home, your privacy is maintained, and the sessions are scheduled to fit your timeline.  

7. How does my student apply for the program?

Students will be given an entrance survey.  After we evaluate the survey, student will be contacted for acceptance into the program and intake forms will be made available for processing.  Free 30 minute consultations are available.

8.  What are the benefits of using AINEC instead of a traditional tutor?

9.  Are in-person sessions available?  

In-person sessions can be arranged.